Tentative Topics Symposium, Plenary Lecture,How the Expert Works & Workshop

Video How The Expert Works ?
- Ligation in Hemorrhoid
- Psychoterapy in Psychosomatic Medicine
- Interventional Thyroid Ultrasound
- Management of All Spectrum of Elderly Patients: Robust - Prefrail - Frail
- New Hope in Hearth Failure Management
- New Paradigm in Diabetes Management
- Stable Coronary Artery Diseases (SCAD)
- Update on Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding
- Management of Asthma & COPD
- Psychosomatic and Palliative Care
- The Role of Antioxidant
- Update of Hypertension Management
- Management of Chronic Kidney Diseases in Primary & Secondary Care
- Urinary Incontinence
- Management of Complicated Intra Abdominal Infection (CIAI)
- Hepatitis B
- NSAID in Daily Practice
- Diagnosis Approach in Bleeding Patient
- Workshop IMELS (Internal Medicine Life Support)
- WS USG in Internal Medicine (POC of Ultrasound)
- WS Acid Base Disorders and Electrolit imbalance (Include Steward approach)
- WS HIV co Infection
- WS Nutrition in Internal Medicine and Popular Diet
- WS Rational Antimicroba use : Antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral
- WS Inhalation Therapy and Non Invasive Ventilation
- WS Management of anti-cancer administration in geriatric patients
- WS Management of Autoimmune Diseases in Pregnancy
- WS Fit to Fly : How to determine ?
• Kardiovaskular
• Pulmo
• Gastro Hepatology
• Hemato
• Endokrin
• Kedokteran penerbangan
- WS Disorders Internal Medicine in pregnancy: DHF, Thyroid, Hepatitis, Cancer
Dry Workshop
- Management of Diabetes & Hypertension for GPs
- Routine Laboratorium Examination in Clinical Practice
- All about Tuberculosis
- Antiretroviral Treatment in HIV
- ECG for Clinical Practice
- All About Vaccination in Adult
Plenary Lecture
- Artificial Intelligence: How Will It Change the Practice of Medicine
- Legal and Ethical Aspect of Online Medical Practice
Pro & Contra
- The Rule of Antitussive Drug in Clinical Practice
- Metformin and Diabetic Neuropathy
Hands 0n Workshop
- Internal Medicine Life Support (IMELS) Basic 2
- USG in Internal Medicine: Abdomen, Thyroid, Thorax Kidney and Musculoskeletal
- Management of Diabetic Foot and Decubitus Ulcer
Meet The Expert
- Using IGRA in Tuberculosis Diagnostic: Extrapumonary Cases
- ST2 Cardiac Marker: Monitoring Hearth Failure with a Simple Blood Test
- Choosing OAT in Pregnancy